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    [ppb_card_two_cols_with_image size=”one” title=”Authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisine” slug=”” subtitle=”” image=”” image_width=”65″ align=”right” content_width=”40″ padding=”50″ bgcolor=”” bordercolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”” ]Urban Bites is a contemporary Lebanese restaurant that serves authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine with the warm hospitality typical of a Lebanese family restaurant.

    Urban Bites’ menu showcases a cornucopia of dishes ranging from well-known Middle Eastern specialties such as Hummus, Tabbouleh and kebabs, to more unusual offerings from Turkey and Tunisia.[/ppb_card_two_cols_with_image]

    [ppb_card_two_cols_with_image size=”one” title=”Our HISTORY” slug=”” subtitle=”” image=”” image_width=”65″ align=”left” content_width=”40″ padding=”50″ bgcolor=”” bordercolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”” ]Established in 2007 by the late Chef Ghazi Georges Khanashat, a native Lebanese, moved with his family to Singapore in 2001 and made it his mission to introduce and showcase authentic Lebanese food in Singapore. The family continues Chef Ghazi’s legacy by preserving his recipes, ensuring the quality of food which is served with great Lebanese hospitality.

    Customers can expect to feast on the rich and diverse cuisines of the Levantine region.[/ppb_card_two_cols_with_image]

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